Fun, Funky and Fashionable.


The 46664 MyCopper MyResponsibility ranges of copper bangles are aimed at the youth market where we need to cater for smaller wrists and the young minds that will shape the future.


Available in many colours to match any mode or fashion sense they are all made of pure copper and then coated with a durable paint on the outer layer. As with all bangles they too, carry the unique serial number that allows you to register your bangle, receive a certificate and then post a message to Mr Mandela on the web site.


Don't forget to view your registration when completed to see where the funds from your actual bangle has been allocated to. 8 mm wide and 150 mm long they are thinner than the normal copper and supplied in a very colourful blister pack.


The 46664 Bangles are not made anymore, these ones are the last in the world.

46664 MyCopper

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